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Barman from Greton Hotel in Nairobi.

Alex used to serve me always a beer “baridi sana” during my long visits in Nairobi.

Fresh mangosteen on the way to a market in Bali island.

A small Balinese truck loaded with fresh purple mangosteen stoping on the way to a fruit market.

Brick burning in Sumbawa

Sumbawa island located in the chain of Lesser Sunda Islands was famous for its horses and sandalwood during East Indies time.  Today this sparsely populated island is far from trade routes and tourist trails.

Brick burning brings modest income.

Brickmaker doesn’t stop working during afternoon shower.

The parking guy in Denpasar.

Balinese volunteer helps to tame traffic chaos during Art Festival in Denpasar.

Woman in conical hat selling flowers. Hoi An

I bought a very old charcoal iron in Hoi An and some 15th century ceramic coming from famous Hoi An wreck in Singapore. I remember shopping and town’s flavor. I can still memorize some local women. I’m just not sure if everybody wore a hat 😉

Vieille femme à Sanur. L’île de Bali.

Un portrait d’une femme. Elle collectées des pierres pour la vente sur une plage volcanique noire près de Sanur.

Indian entrepreneur in Kolkata.

The beginnings tend to be difficult. You sell one fruit, then two fruits. One day you will get a capital for 10 fruits. So, maybe a bank loan ? A mission impossible ?


Greetings to Arundhati Roy 🙂

Man from Kuta Lombok.

The old man sitting at the front of a shop in Kuta. He is weaving a mat. The beach is only 100 meters away from him. Maybe someone of a few tourists visiting South Lombok buys his mat ?

Ashanti fisherman in Bosumtwi lake.

Sacred  Botsumtwi Lake near Kumasi is a place where the dead bid farewell with God Twi. Local fishermen don’t disturb the travelling souls and use only wooden planks.

Le transport urbain à Siliguri. West Bengal

Siliguri est une ville sur la route de Calcutta à Darjeeling.
 La ville indienne typique avec ses rues poussiéreuses et les habitants pittoresques.

Juiceman in Kolkata.

There is a stall with fresh citrus juice in almost every lane in Kolkata. The juice is served in a glass or disposable cup. Yummy !

The rice harvest in Nan Province. Thailand

The photo was taken during my trip to North Thailand in 2007. The women on the rice paddy near Saa town during rain season.