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To become a prima ballerina in Thailand

Chiang Mai Ballet School

Tedious exercises at a ballet school in Chiang Mai.

Balinese naked woman – Dian Umbara

Balinese oil painting from 2011 paint by Dian Umbara.

Danseuses – Mariola Ptak

Mariola Ptak’s oil paiting from 2010. Size 60 x 50 cm.

Wrinkles face of a Sumbawa woman.

The cheerful woman met on the way to 2,000 years old stone sarcophagus in lush interior of the island.

Red Karen woman from Thailand.

Young Red Karen woman met in Mae Hong Song Province near Burmese border.

Balinese oil painting found in the attic.



Half naked Balinese girl in bed.
Her disproportionate, square head makes the painting out of the realistic trend so popular in Bali.
Pastel colors, peace ambience and naive drawing dominate the canvas.

Tari belibis dance in Ubud.

Balinese dance about beautiful bird called Tari Belibis performed in Ubud.

Woman in conical hat selling flowers. Hoi An

I bought a very¬†old charcoal iron in Hoi An and some 15th century ceramic coming from famous Hoi An wreck in Singapore. I remember shopping and town’s flavor. I can still memorize some local women. I’m just not sure if everybody wore a hat ūüėČ

Indian bride in Sikkim.

Last evening before wedding. The bride in a street of Gangtok.

Woman from Nyang Shwe on Inle Lake.

She works at a local restaurant. The Nyang Shwe is full of good eateries with good service.

Shan woman at the market. Burma

The market at town Kalaw is worth a visit. The most interesting are faces of people and various local delicacies.

She sells peanuts and cigarettes. India

My stop in Siliguri town, on the way from Sikkim to Assam gave me fine opportunity to shop around.

Relaxed resident of Ende town in Flores island.

Javanese woman runs her business successfully. New settlers in Flores enjoy steady support from Jakarta.

Black Hmong woman presents her silver earrings.

Sapa region in North Vietnam is visually dominated by the tribal women wearing indigo dyed garb. Many of them wear distinctive, round earrings.

Akha woman selling tribal jewelry in Bangkok.

Khao San road in Bangkok attracts enterprising Thais from entire country. Smart Akha woman in her tribal outfit sells cheap jewelry produced by manufacturers located around Chiang Mai. Don’t be fooled. The knick knack is produced on an industrial scale in Thailand. Nothing comes straight from Akha villages.

Indian pilgrim at Besakih Temple in Bali.

Pura Besakih on the slope of Agung volcano attracts many pilgrims and tourists.

Intha woman from Inle Lake.

Intha women with souvenirs and jewelry offer good deals. They follow tourists on the lake in small boats.

Amhara woman from Bahir Dar.

The photo taken in Bahir Dar near Tana Lake in 2001.

Red Yao women make a trade deal with mysterious bald guy.

The Yaos called Mien in China and Dzao in Vietnam belong to the best dressed tribes in Asia. The Red Yao women in Sapa area in North Vietnam have remained in contact with tourists for last 20 years. They developed good commercial skills.

Legong dance in Ubud Palace. Bali Island

Legong dance was performed only by virgins before touristic era in Bali. Today the show belongs to highlights of every Balinese trip. Professional dancers, mostly short overweight girls in beautiful costumes entertain visitors during evening performances.

The rice harvest in Nan Province. Thailand

The photo was taken during my trip to North Thailand in 2007. The women on the rice paddy near Saa town during rain season.