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Two worlds of Gili Trawangan : beach and underwater


The Gili’s hot beach from Bali side with majestic Agung volcano in the background.

The waters around the island are inhabited by sea turtles.



Gili Trawangan and hills of Lombok island on the horizon

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is my first destination for a short sea holidays.  Ko Chang in Thailand is out of fashion.


The world around Bolilanga Island – Togian Islands

The Bolilanga Island – I would to recommend this island off the coast of Central Sulawesi for a vacation without hesitation.  However if you prefer to be in touch with somebody in the outside world – take with you a satellite phone.


Latticed butterflyfish at Bunaken Island reef.

The reef around Bunaken Island in Northern Sulawesi has a lot colorful dwellers. Yellow butterflyfishes ( Chaetodon rafflesii ) grow to 15 cm long.

Latticed butterflyfish

Latticed butterflyfish


Underwater gardens around Bunaken Island.

A beach in Vietnam

The picturesque  beach in Qui Nhon, a town on the way between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The yellow sandy beaches are almost deserted near the town.

A sailing basket waiting for a new survivor.

The most wanted color during holidays.

In dry part of eastern corner of paradise island the ocean is a magnet for each being looking for refreshment. I’m envy creatures living in this water environment and jump to ocean.

The long way to fetch water in Africa.

Kids from a village near Senegal river during the daily walk to the well.

Sunset over Mekong river in Luang Prabang.

I visit Luang Prabang many times. I come to this lovely town by plane, bus and boat. The river journey by boat is by far the greatest. Take your time and travel 2 days from Thai border to Luang Prabang by a local barge called in Laos the slow boat.

Sumbanese river near Indian Ocean.

I was one of the many witnesses of a funeral ceremony in one village in West Sumba. At noon I went to the river looking for a cool breeze. The boys from nearby villages had already bathed in the water.

What an excellent catch ! Burma

Lake Taungthaman in Amarapura near Mandalay provides some proteins for local people. A perch is real delicacy here.

Beach in Teluk Mawun. South Lombok.

In South Lombok you will find many deserted beaches. A pothole-riddled road west of Kuta leads to one gorgeous bay, after another one.

Leg rowing long boat on Inle Lake.

An afternoon training in a racing boat before October Hpaung Daw U Festival.

The color of water in Padang Bai.

Padang Bai is a place in Bali where you can catch a public ferry to Lombok or a fast private boat to Gili Islands. I met a boy in Amok Bay waiting for a sea transport there.

Pantai Putri Nyale beach in Lombok Island.

This beach is 4 km away from Kuta on the south shore of Lombok. December can be wet here, but there are good waves in the neighborhood.

Ashanti fisherman in Bosumtwi lake.

Sacred  Botsumtwi Lake near Kumasi is a place where the dead bid farewell with God Twi. Local fishermen don’t disturb the travelling souls and use only wooden planks.

Gili Meno before rain. Indonesia

Volcano Rinjani on nearby Lombok island generates heavy clouds all year round. In spite of this mountain neighborhood the rains are short on Gili Meno.

A hot day in Phnom Penh.

The boys are looking for a refreshing in public fountain.

Ocean cliff seen from Uluwatu temple.

The cliff on west side of limestone Bukit Peninsula. It is a half hour ride on motorbike from Kuta to Uluwatu.

Hooghly river seen in Kolkata.

Hooghly river, the tributary of Ganges river captured from Howrah Bridge.

Mekong river in Champasak. South Laos

I enjoy splendid view of Mekong sitting in a rustic bar by the river. Famous ruined Khmer temple complex Vat Phou is only 6 miles away from my vantage point.

I discover another deserted beach. West Sumba.

I’ve found a deserted, golden beach on the way to a funeral ceremony in West Sumba.

Lake in Amarapura near Mandalay.

Lake Taungthaman in Amarapura after rain season.