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Chinese fasade in Malacca

House in Malacca

House in Malacca

White plaster, geometric patterns on tiles, red lanterns.

Atlantic coast seen from Elmina Castle. Ghana

The Elmina Castle built by Portuguese in 1492 is the oldest European fortress in Sub Saharan Africa. The castle was a large depot where the slaves were waiting for a transport to New World.

Woman in conical hat selling flowers. Hoi An

I bought a very old charcoal iron in Hoi An and some 15th century ceramic coming from famous Hoi An wreck in Singapore. I remember shopping and town’s flavor. I can still memorize some local women. I’m just not sure if everybody wore a hat 😉

Borobudur – the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

Borobudur is located 40 km from Yogyakarta city, in Central Java.  The temple was built during the reign of Sailendra dynasty in 8th century AD.

Stone Buddha in Borobudur.

Buddha statue with mudra called Dharma Chakra.