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Feeding spirits in Bali

The Sidakarya mask feeds the spitits during the ceremony of ” house cleaning”.
1 Topeng Bali 1

Topeng Tua dance in Ubud.

Purification rites at private house in Ubud.  The mask is called Tua and depicts an old man.

Walking in Ubud. Bali island

You can guess where they walk ? White shirts…they must be on the way to a temple.

Tari belibis dance in Ubud.

Balinese dance about beautiful bird called Tari Belibis performed in Ubud.

Galungan Kuningan time in Bali.

The Agung bros at their family compound in Ubud during Kuningan festival.

The boy plays Barong.

Small Agung with a Barong mask. The balinese king of spirits has many embodiments. In Ubud the Barong can have a face of pig. During Kuningan the kids in Ubud play the mythological story of the struggles between the good Barong and the evil represented by Rangda.

Ubud’s young resident during Kuningan.

The boy in the family temple in Ubud.

Balinese priest during cremation ceremony.

The cremation ceremony took place in Ubud and lasted a few hours. The priest prayed for souls of three deceased people.

Father and son during Kuningan celebration time.

Agung with his son Ode during last Kuningan in Ubud.

Balinese guide at Goa Gajah. Ubud

The guide explains the power of a stone Ganesha at cave Goa Gajah.