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Leaving Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai

Classes are over today.

Auto rickshaw in Kolkata.

Auto rickshaw is a cult vehicle in Asia. The three wheeled cart with engine is the most efficient and economical means of transport in the largest cities in India.

Bus line 68 in Bangkok.

The ordinary bus line 68 ( ticket 6,50 baht ) used to be green – white.

The passangers of green-white buses have to jump on the bus. The drivers stop only for several  seconds at the bus stops. Will the repainted bus change a bad reputation ? I doubt it. Definitely the orange bus is not for old people 🙂

By the way, if you feel young the line #68 is between Bang Pa Kaew and Bang Lamphu.

Tuk tuk in Jakarta is called bajaj.

If you like tuk tuk’s, you should take a joyride by bajaj in Jakarta. The entire range of city’s new experiences is gauranteed. Just be ready ! The seat is less comfortable than in Thailand, the visibility very limited and the car exhaust depressing.

Taxi in Phnom Penh.

The speed is moderate, price is cheap, life is wonderful.

To get Champasak you have to cross Mekong river.

I leave the highway 13 on my way to Champasak. After 5 km I reach the east bank of Mekong river. The local ferries have different shape and size. The smallest ones look like a wooden fishing pier. Such small ferry can carry 4 people and 2 scooters.

OM and Swastika protect better than a motor insurance. Assam

Motorbikes in downtown of  Guwahati city.

Le transport urbain à Siliguri. West Bengal

Siliguri est une ville sur la route de Calcutta à Darjeeling.
 La ville indienne typique avec ses rues poussiéreuses et les habitants pittoresques.

Bicycle on U Bein bridge.

The bicycle left on the bridge in Amarapura. U Bein footbridge is the longest teak bridge in the world, located 12 km from Mandalay.