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Les jumeaux d’un village des tribus montagnardes en Thaïlande du Nord.

Balinese naked woman – Dian Umbara

Balinese oil painting from 2011 paint by Dian Umbara.

White Karen women from Mae Sariang.

I spent lovely days in Mae Sariang area. The Karen hilltribe people live in the lush, green hill country located 4 hours drive from the city of Chiang Mai.

The rain season has begun in Thailand. The Karen spend entire days working on the fields. During the day mostly old women sit on a porch their wooden houses. The time of festivals and holidays come in December.

Sumbawa girl.

We stopped our motorcycles and straightened our limbs. We were riding from Kuta in Lombok to Sumbawa Basar in Sumbawa. After a two-hour ferry crossing we had still a pretty nice distance to the main town in west part of the island.

The girl with her grandmother and relatives was  interested in conversation. She had never met any tourists.

Akha girl in Chiang Mai.

The girl in traditional Akha garb visiting Chiang Mai.

Balinese oil painting found in the attic.



Half naked Balinese girl in bed.
Her disproportionate, square head makes the painting out of the realistic trend so popular in Bali.
Pastel colors, peace ambience and naive drawing dominate the canvas.

Vieille femme à Sanur. L’île de Bali.

Un portrait d’une femme. Elle collectées des pierres pour la vente sur une plage volcanique noire près de Sanur.

Old woman in Bali.

I met the woman with eminent wrinkled face in Mas, the place located in Central Bali.

Man from Sumba Island.

I made one day vacation during my stay in West Sumba. I stopped looking for the tombs and visiting the charlatans. I rode a motorbike in search of beautiful beaches and exploring small villages with nice inhabitants.

A family in Kuala Lumpur.

I met this pround mother with her baby in China Town.

Lepcha man. West Sikkim

Old Lepcha man met on the road to Pelling.

Worker from Ende town in Flores island.

I offer him a cigarette. Many Indonesians are chain smokers. The cigarette factories belong to the richest people in Indonesia.  Jakarta governemnt receives the huge revenue from tabacco tax. It seems that everyone is happy, except those people dying with cancer.

Relaxed resident of Ende town in Flores island.

Javanese woman runs her business successfully. New settlers in Flores enjoy steady support from Jakarta.

A mechanic from Assam.

The mechanic at the front of his small workshop in Guwahati city.

Young angler in Burma.

The teak bridge U Bein in Amarapura attracts tourists and local anglers. Dozens sit here angling with simple rods.

Girl from Yuksom. West Sikkim

The girl met near a sacred lake on the way to Dubdi Monanastery.

Ubud’s young resident during Kuningan.

The boy in the family temple in Ubud.

Intha woman from Inle Lake.

Intha women with souvenirs and jewelry offer good deals. They follow tourists on the lake in small boats.

Fulani man near Senegal river. Mali

Fulani young man on a January morning in Kayes Region.

Occupation: driver. Place of residence: Labuan Bajo.

The driver from Flores Island.

Angami Naga woman in Mezoma village. Nagaland

The Naga women still wear jewelry made of glass beads and semi precious stones. The carnelian necklaces are the most popular heirloom jewelry among the Angamis.

Amhara woman from Bahir Dar.

The photo taken in Bahir Dar near Tana Lake in 2001.

He asked to get a shot. I said why not.

The photo taken on Jalan Penang in Georgetown.

Balinese guide at Goa Gajah. Ubud

The guide explains the power of a stone Ganesha at cave Goa Gajah.