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I wish they have more turquoise in George Town

It seems that it takes 50 years to rebuild the China Town in Penang island. Progress is slow.

Malaysian equity capital is not enough.  And where is a casino which was promised long time ago ?

Chinese doors in George Town.

I come to a conclusion that the most spectacular doors in my area ( South East Asia ) were made by Chinese and Javanese carpenters. The doors have a symbolic meaning in many cultural circles.

Probably you know or recall a large entrance doors at catholic churches where a brass handle was always installed very high. Opening such massive doors required strength. A man walking through that door must have felt as a miserable little  man.

The old doors in merchants’ houses on the island of Penang have a different function. At a time when there were no limousines, rich decorated doors were a witness on wealth and  prosperity.

Cremation urns at Wat Chaiyamangalaram. Penang Island.

The wall with cremation urns at Thai Buddhist temple in Georgetown. The niches sealed with glass covers and marked with a photo of the deceased.

Warm evening in Georgetown. Penang

I have been visiting Georgetown repeatedly. It is a hot place all year. The evenings offer pleasant cooling.

He asked to get a shot. I said why not.

The photo taken on Jalan Penang in Georgetown.