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Waiting for a buyer

Wooden reclining Buddha waits for a buyer at the front of a shop in Ban Tawai.

Ban Tawai is a capital of  Thai wooden industry and is located 15 km from Chiang Mai.

Food market in Thailand

chili paste

coconut jelly and rice powder

fresh chili


Woman in conical hat selling flowers. Hoi An

I bought a very old charcoal iron in Hoi An and some 15th century ceramic coming from famous Hoi An wreck in Singapore. I remember shopping and town’s flavor. I can still memorize some local women. I’m just not sure if everybody wore a hat 😉

Dogs for sale in West Sumba.

The dogs kept in the cage at the market in Waikabubak ( West Sumba ).

Flower market – Kolkata.

Malik Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata.

Shan woman at the market. Burma

The market at town Kalaw is worth a visit. The most interesting are faces of people and various local delicacies.

Barefooted old Black Hmong man in Sapa. North Vietnam

April days can be pretty chilly in Sapa. The old, barefooted peasant marched some miles to sell some weed and herbs at the town’s market.