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Barman from Greton Hotel in Nairobi.

Alex used to serve me always a beer “baridi sana” during my long visits in Nairobi.

Old Samburu met south of Marsabit town.

I traveled several times crossing vast area between Isiolo and Marsabit. I was always welcome by the Samburu.

Galungan Kuningan time in Bali.

The Agung bros at their family compound in Ubud during Kuningan festival.

Indian entrepreneur in Kolkata.

The beginnings tend to be difficult. You sell one fruit, then two fruits. One day you will get a capital for 10 fruits. So, maybe a bank loan ? A mission impossible ?


Greetings to Arundhati Roy 🙂

Man from Sumba Island.

I made one day vacation during my stay in West Sumba. I stopped looking for the tombs and visiting the charlatans. I rode a motorbike in search of beautiful beaches and exploring small villages with nice inhabitants.

What an excellent catch ! Burma

Lake Taungthaman in Amarapura near Mandalay provides some proteins for local people. A perch is real delicacy here.

Man from Kuta Lombok.

The old man sitting at the front of a shop in Kuta. He is weaving a mat. The beach is only 100 meters away from him. Maybe someone of a few tourists visiting South Lombok buys his mat ?

Angami Naga man in Kohima. Nagaland

Angami  man in traditional shawl on the street of Kohima town.

Guard at Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

A police officer guarding the national heritage place. The Royal Palace in Khmer capital was built during the French Protectorate time in the 1860’s.

Worker from Ende town in Flores island.

I offer him a cigarette. Many Indonesians are chain smokers. The cigarette factories belong to the richest people in Indonesia.  Jakarta governemnt receives the huge revenue from tabacco tax. It seems that everyone is happy, except those people dying with cancer.

A mechanic from Assam.

The mechanic at the front of his small workshop in Guwahati city.

Fulani man near Senegal river. Mali

Fulani young man on a January morning in Kayes Region.

He asked to get a shot. I said why not.

The photo taken on Jalan Penang in Georgetown.