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Tau Tau effigies in Sulawesi

Toraja tau tau

Toraja tau tau

The spirits of  dead Toraja nobles charmed in wooden statues guarding their graves hewn in a rock wall.

Waiting for a buffalo sacrifice ceremony. Sulawesi Island

Tana Toraja funeral ceremony 4 Toraja 12 4 Toraja 13 4 Toraja 14

A Toraja village located south of Rantepao.

An early March afternoon. The culmination of  funeral ceremony comes in a few minutes.  All guests gathered around a village’s  square wait for appearance of  first buffalo.

Horse sacrifice in Sumba.

The photo taken during a funaral ceremony in West Sumba. A neighbor of the deceased brings a sacrifice horse at noon. The animal decorated with a plum will be killed at the grave in a few hours later.