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To become a prima ballerina in Thailand

Chiang Mai Ballet School

Tedious exercises at a ballet school in Chiang Mai.

Sasak mask dance. Lombok island

It was an unforgettable night.

The sumptuous preparations for a wedding were taken at the village of Sade located in southern part of Lombok. A day before the main ceremony a group of Sasak singers, musicians and dancers played a long show and concert on a makeshift stage in the center of the village.

Tari belibis dance in Ubud.

Balinese dance about beautiful bird called Tari Belibis performed in Ubud.

The Batak dance in Samosir Island.

The original Batak’s culture was destroyed with the arrival of Christian missionaries. Today you can watch the Batak dance performance only at the museum located on Samosir Island on Toba Lake. The Batak women move slowly with a kind of dignity. Most of the dances are related to field’s work and harvest.

Legong dance in Ubud Palace. Bali Island

Legong dance was performed only by virgins before touristic era in Bali. Today the show belongs to highlights of every Balinese trip. Professional dancers, mostly short overweight girls in beautiful costumes entertain visitors during evening performances.