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Hmong boy from Mae Hong Son.

In the North West corner of Thailand there are many Hmong villages. During hot March days adults work in the fields and children play between houses.

The parking guy in Denpasar.

Balinese volunteer helps to tame traffic chaos during Art Festival in Denpasar.

The boy plays Barong.

Small Agung with a Barong mask. The balinese king of spirits has many embodiments. In Ubud the Barong can have a face of pig. During Kuningan the kids in Ubud play the mythological story of the struggles between the good Barong and the evil represented by Rangda.

End of the school year in Wat Phra Singh. Chiang Mai

A hot March noon. The last school day before long summer holidays in Thailand.

Kid in the grip of religious business. Bagan

The child accompanied by an old monk on the morning trail in touristic hotel area in Bagan.

The color of water in Padang Bai.

Padang Bai is a place in Bali where you can catch a public ferry to Lombok or a fast private boat to Gili Islands. I met a boy in Amok Bay waiting for a sea transport there.

Young angler in Burma.

The teak bridge U Bein in Amarapura attracts tourists and local anglers. Dozens sit here angling with simple rods.

Ubud’s young resident during Kuningan.

The boy in the family temple in Ubud.