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The doors to post office in Charoen Krung Road.

The Thai Post was established in 1883. There are some post offices located in old buildings in Bangkok.

The Garuda – the emblem of Thailand in post variation.

Phra Suman Fort. Bangkok

Phra Sumen Fort is one of two last bastions build by Rama I which have been preserved.  At the end of 18th century city walls and 14 forts surrounded Bangkok.

Khao San Road – Bangkok.

Famous Khao San in Banglamphu area is short street with overpriced backpacker hotels. The shopping is much more interesting than a stay overnight there.

Bus line 68 in Bangkok.

The ordinary bus line 68 ( ticket 6,50 baht ) used to be green – white.

The passangers of green-white buses have to jump on the bus. The drivers stop only for several  seconds at the bus stops. Will the repainted bus change a bad reputation ? I doubt it. Definitely the orange bus is not for old people 🙂

By the way, if you feel young the line #68 is between Bang Pa Kaew and Bang Lamphu.

Democracy Monument – Bangkok.

One of the Bangkok’s squares which I pass frequently. May storms herald approaching rainy season in Thailand.

Khom fai lantern is lauched during Loi Krathong.

November Loi Krathong festival in Bangkok in 2009. Thousands sky lanterns are lauched in the air.

Yoghurt drink advertising in Thailand.

Bangkok’s Chatuchak weekend market is the the best place to introduce new products.

Akha woman selling tribal jewelry in Bangkok.

Khao San road in Bangkok attracts enterprising Thais from entire country. Smart Akha woman in her tribal outfit sells cheap jewelry produced by manufacturers located around Chiang Mai. Don’t be fooled. The knick knack is produced on an industrial scale in Thailand. Nothing comes straight from Akha villages.

Coca – cola’s picnic in Bangkok.

Promotion picnic in Chatuchak market. The world’s largest market is a great place to promote some products in Bangkok.

Lights of China Town in Bangkok.

Red laterns during the celebration of Chinese New Year in Bangkok.

The celebration of Chinese New Year in Bangkok.

The man in Bangkok’s China Town lights up the temple incense.

Waiting for a train in Bangkok.

Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok.