in search of a perfect model and landscape


Dogs for sale in West Sumba.

The dogs kept in the cage at the market in Waikabubak ( West Sumba ).

Sumbanese river near Indian Ocean.

I was one of the many witnesses of a funeral ceremony in one village in West Sumba. At noon I went to the river looking for a cool breeze. The boys from nearby villages had already bathed in the water.

Man from Sumba Island.

I made one day vacation during my stay in West Sumba. I stopped looking for the tombs and visiting the charlatans. I rode a motorbike in search of beautiful beaches and exploring small villages with nice inhabitants.

Horse sacrifice in Sumba.

The photo taken during a funaral ceremony in West Sumba. A neighbor of the deceased brings a sacrifice horse at noon. The animal decorated with a plum will be killed at the grave in a few hours later.

I discover another deserted beach. West Sumba.

I’ve found a deserted, golden beach on the way to a funeral ceremony in West Sumba.