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Pindaya Caves Buddhas in Shan State.

Pindaya Cave's Buddhas 1 Pindaya Cave 1 1 pindaya Cave 2

The Burmese as well foreigners looking for luck or fortune leave their gilted bronze and alabaster Buddha images at Pindaya Caves.

Woman from Nyang Shwe on Inle Lake.

She works at a local restaurant. The Nyang Shwe is full of good eateries with good service.

What an excellent catch ! Burma

Lake Taungthaman in Amarapura near Mandalay provides some proteins for local people. A perch is real delicacy here.

Shan woman at the market. Burma

The market at town Kalaw is worth a visit. The most interesting are faces of people and various local delicacies.

Shwe Yan Pyay in Shan State.

You will find more romantic old monasteries in Shan state, but Shwe Yan Pyay has its charm. The monastery built in the late 18th century is conveniently located, only 3 km from Nyaungshwe downtown.

Leg rowing long boat on Inle Lake.

An afternoon training in a racing boat before October Hpaung Daw U Festival.

Kid in the grip of religious business. Bagan

The child accompanied by an old monk on the morning trail in touristic hotel area in Bagan.

Young angler in Burma.

The teak bridge U Bein in Amarapura attracts tourists and local anglers. Dozens sit here angling with simple rods.

Intha woman from Inle Lake.

Intha women with souvenirs and jewelry offer good deals. They follow tourists on the lake in small boats.

She’s loved me immediately.

Mother and daughter in Shan State. The photo taken during my last trip to Burma in 2010.

Bicycle on U Bein bridge.

The bicycle left on the bridge in Amarapura. U Bein footbridge is the longest teak bridge in the world, located 12 km from Mandalay.

Lake in Amarapura near Mandalay.

Lake Taungthaman in Amarapura after rain season.