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People of Kohima. Nagaland

During my first trip to Nagaland I’d met many lovely people. This is a completely random selection from pictures taken there. Please get to know four characters from Kohima town.

Mr. Poudel has become my facebook’s friend 🙂

Indian bride in Sikkim.

Last evening before wedding. The bride in a street of Gangtok.

Indian entrepreneur in Kolkata.

The beginnings tend to be difficult. You sell one fruit, then two fruits. One day you will get a capital for 10 fruits. So, maybe a bank loan ? A mission impossible ?


Greetings to Arundhati Roy 🙂

Auto rickshaw in Kolkata.

Auto rickshaw is a cult vehicle in Asia. The three wheeled cart with engine is the most efficient and economical means of transport in the largest cities in India.

Angami Naga man in Kohima. Nagaland

Angami  man in traditional shawl on the street of Kohima town.

Flower market – Kolkata.

Malik Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata.

Lepcha man. West Sikkim

Old Lepcha man met on the road to Pelling.

She sells peanuts and cigarettes. India

My stop in Siliguri town, on the way from Sikkim to Assam gave me fine opportunity to shop around.

Individual speed of movement in Kolkata’s B.B.D. Bagh.

People, cars, trams, all this jazz and clamor with unique charm. One of the most populous urban area in the world has own nature.

Street trade in Guwahati. Assam

Cotton stuff directly from the street in Assam’s capital city. The women selling cloths are persistent and indefatigable. They work from dawn till dusk, or longer.

A mechanic from Assam.

The mechanic at the front of his small workshop in Guwahati city.

OM and Swastika protect better than a motor insurance. Assam

Motorbikes in downtown of  Guwahati city.

Girl from Yuksom. West Sikkim

The girl met near a sacred lake on the way to Dubdi Monanastery.

Street vendor in Darjeeling.

You can buy much more than some tea in Darjeeling.

Mahatma is watching your every step.

Mahatma Gandhi’s painting on white tiles in Kolkata’s street.

Kolkata’s orange urban face.

The facade of a building in BBD Bagh.

Hooghly river seen in Kolkata.

Hooghly river, the tributary of Ganges river captured from Howrah Bridge.

Le transport urbain Ă  Siliguri. West Bengal

Siliguri est une ville sur la route de Calcutta Ă  Darjeeling.
 La ville indienne typique avec ses rues poussiéreuses et les habitants pittoresques.

Juiceman in Kolkata.

There is a stall with fresh citrus juice in almost every lane in Kolkata. The juice is served in a glass or disposable cup. Yummy !

Angami Naga woman in Mezoma village. Nagaland

The Naga women still wear jewelry made of glass beads and semi precious stones. The carnelian necklaces are the most popular heirloom jewelry among the Angamis.

Tea shop in West Bengal.

The tea shop in Siliguri town.

Angami Naga woman in Nagaland.

A March visit by Angami Naga.

Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim.

A monk in Rumtek Monastery.