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Warung Lembongan in Bali

On the way from Denpasar to Ubud I used to stop for a lunch at local eatery called Lembongan. Only fresh fish and fish soup is served there.

When visit Bali you should chose places popular among local people. Try to taste food at a typical Balinese warung.
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Fresh mangosteen on the way to a market in Bali island.

A small Balinese truck loaded with fresh purple mangosteen stoping on the way to a fruit market.

Food market in Thailand

chili paste

coconut jelly and rice powder

fresh chili


Breakfast at Lahu village.

A Lahu village in Mae Hong Son Province was a stop on the trail in Northern Thailand.

Toast, coffee and eggs were provided by our chauffeur. The cousins of our host were watching us during the meal.

Sushi roll with caviar in Chatuchak Market. Bangkok

I visit Chatuchak Market regularly. The world’s largest market offers many delicacies. The food is always fresh and incredibly cheap.

Fresh frogs for sale in Thailand.

The food main market in Nakhon Pathom near Bangkok.