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Ngada woman is waching me. Flores Island

The touristic circus crosses Flores has its beaten trail on the island. Bena – a traditional village of Ngada tribe belongs to the highlights of the trail. The residents of Bena have a similar fate like animals at a zoo. They are photographed by new groups of tourists every day. They don’t protest. Many foreigners buy cotton fabrics woven in the village.

I buy some shawls from the old woman. She gives me a present, one cotton scarf .

Worker from Ende town in Flores island.

I offer him a cigarette. Many Indonesians are chain smokers. The cigarette factories belong to the richest people in Indonesia.  Jakarta governemnt receives the huge revenue from tabacco tax. It seems that everyone is happy, except those people dying with cancer.

Relaxed resident of Ende town in Flores island.

Javanese woman runs her business successfully. New settlers in Flores enjoy steady support from Jakarta.

Occupation: driver. Place of residence: Labuan Bajo.

The driver from Flores Island.