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Chiang Mai

Doors leading to unlimited knowledge and atrial nirvana

Doors in a wat of Wiang Kum Kam lost city

Doors in a wat of Wiang Kum Kam lost city


Wiang Kum Kam – a lost city in Chiang Mai

Wiang Kum Kam

Wiang Kum Kam


Ancient city of Wiang Kum Kam was lost from historical records in 16th century.  The almost 900 years old city was rediscovered in 1984 near Ping river, 6 km from the Chiang Mai’s moat surrounding the tourist center.
You can visit the area dotted with  a few ruined temples in tuk tuk or hire a pony carriage at the front of main gate.

To become a prima ballerina in Thailand

Chiang Mai Ballet School

Tedious exercises at a ballet school in Chiang Mai.

My retreat in Chiang Dao

 Chiang Dao 1 Chiang Dao 2 1 Chiang Dao 3

Chiang Dao is one of my favorite places in Thailand. I wish to spend more time there.

Leaving Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai

Classes are over today.

Waiting for a buyer

Wooden reclining Buddha waits for a buyer at the front of a shop in Ban Tawai.

Ban Tawai is a capital of  Thai wooden industry and is located 15 km from Chiang Mai.

Chinese dragon in Chiang Mai.

The dragon on the roof of Pung Tao Gong Temple in Chiang Mai.

Akha girl in Chiang Mai.

The girl in traditional Akha garb visiting Chiang Mai.