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Balinese teak wood door from Gianyar


I have discovered a shop with old doors on the way to Sukawati Pasar Seni today. I could not resist. I have to stop and ask about the price.

I will come back with a pickup truck.

Pizza Gili versus pizza Bali or just Pizza Indonesia


When you stay long time in Asia, you care less about rice and chili. The pizza is always an event. Pizza served in Gili.



Waiting for pizza in Bali.






Feeding spirits in Bali

The Sidakarya mask feeds the spitits during the ceremony of ” house cleaning”.
1 Topeng Bali 1

Warung Lembongan in Bali

On the way from Denpasar to Ubud I used to stop for a lunch at local eatery called Lembongan. Only fresh fish and fish soup is served there.

When visit Bali you should chose places popular among local people. Try to taste food at a typical Balinese warung.
2 warung Lembongan 15 2 warung Lembongan 16 2 warung Lembongan 17

Champion team from Ubud during kite competition in Sanur

 Bali Sanur

First control, before they will start to pull…

Balinese naked woman – Dian Umbara

Balinese oil painting from 2011 paint by Dian Umbara.

Topeng Tua dance in Ubud.

Purification rites at private house in Ubud.  The mask is called Tua and depicts an old man.

My favorite view. Bali landscape

The open space views in Bali have unique character and charm.

Fresh mangosteen on the way to a market in Bali island.

A small Balinese truck loaded with fresh purple mangosteen stoping on the way to a fruit market.

Ubud kite team arrives Sanur.

Balinese kite competition is held in July when strong winds blow the Paradise Island.

Kite teams from each Balinese regency take part in the competition near Sanur black beach.

The team from Ubud brought his large kite on the track.

The kite must be carry from parking place to a clearing where the competitions are held.

Meanwhile the venue had been already crowded by many kite teams and audience.

The light kite competition begins.

The most wanted color during holidays.

In dry part of eastern corner of paradise island the ocean is a magnet for each being looking for refreshment. I’m envy creatures living in this water environment and jump to ocean.

Walking in Ubud. Bali island

You can guess where they walk ? White shirts…they must be on the way to a temple.

Balinese water color painting by Ketut Tantra.

Balinese style picture paited by Ketut Tantra from Sukawati.

Tari belibis dance in Ubud.

Balinese dance about beautiful bird called Tari Belibis performed in Ubud.

The parking guy in Denpasar.

Balinese volunteer helps to tame traffic chaos during Art Festival in Denpasar.

Vieille femme à Sanur. L’île de Bali.

Un portrait d’une femme. Elle collectées des pierres pour la vente sur une plage volcanique noire près de Sanur.

Sanur beach – Bali.

I have only 30 minutes drive to Sanur beach. It’s one of the few white sand beaches in Bali. During low tide the ocean water reaches only mid-cafs. I have to walk more than 250 meters in my rubber sandals to meet the waves and deep water.

Galungan Kuningan time in Bali.

The Agung bros at their family compound in Ubud during Kuningan festival.

Old woman in Bali.

I met the woman with eminent wrinkled face in Mas, the place located in Central Bali.

The boy plays Barong.

Small Agung with a Barong mask. The balinese king of spirits has many embodiments. In Ubud the Barong can have a face of pig. During Kuningan the kids in Ubud play the mythological story of the struggles between the good Barong and the evil represented by Rangda.

Gamelan orchestra in Denpasar. Bali

Gamelan orchestra during an inauguration of Balinese Atrs Festival in Denpasar.

Indian pilgrim at Besakih Temple in Bali.

Pura Besakih on the slope of Agung volcano attracts many pilgrims and tourists.

Cigarette break by holy water cave in Tanah Lot. Bali

Pura Tanah Lot is a major pilgrimage temple for Balinese people and tourists. Local men dressed in white guard the entrance to the temple and  collect donations.

The color of water in Padang Bai.

Padang Bai is a place in Bali where you can catch a public ferry to Lombok or a fast private boat to Gili Islands. I met a boy in Amok Bay waiting for a sea transport there.