in search of a perfect model and landscape


Gold and silver in Tana Lake

Golden silver cross on Tana Lake

The priests of a monastery proudly present their treasures.

Barman from Greton Hotel in Nairobi.

Alex used to serve me always a beer “baridi sana” during my long visits in Nairobi.

The long way to fetch water in Africa.

Kids from a village near Senegal river during the daily walk to the well.

Old Samburu met south of Marsabit town.

I traveled several times crossing vast area between Isiolo and Marsabit. I was always welcome by the Samburu.

Atlantic coast seen from Elmina Castle. Ghana

The Elmina Castle built by Portuguese in 1492 is the oldest European fortress in Sub Saharan Africa. The castle was a large depot where the slaves were waiting for a transport to New World.

Home made injera tastes deliciously.

Are you addicted to eat injera ?  When travelling in Ethiopia, I have to eat the spongy bread every morning and evening. Injera and fresh roasted coffee are the best. You get it even in the smallest village.

Fulani girls from Mali.

They live by Senegal river.

Fish soup for lunch today. Tanzania

I spent a couple of days in villages around Matema on the shore of Malawi Lake. Before I left for Uluguru Mountains I was invited to a fisherman’s compound.

Lake Malawi sunset in Tanzania.

Sunset in Matema on North shore of Malawi Lake.

Ashanti fisherman in Bosumtwi lake.

Sacred  Botsumtwi Lake near Kumasi is a place where the dead bid farewell with God Twi. Local fishermen don’t disturb the travelling souls and use only wooden planks.

Senufo men in Ivory Coast.

Zie Soro – the chief of village and also the head of Poro secret society with young man.

Fulani man near Senegal river. Mali

Fulani young man on a January morning in Kayes Region.

Amhara woman from Bahir Dar.

The photo taken in Bahir Dar near Tana Lake in 2001.